Friday, August 27, 2010

The True Muhammad the prophet

Muhammad was wild and intolerant: He slayed infidels and wits who doubted his revelations; He was a War-lord: Involved in 78 wars out of which 71 were assault!!; He was a mass-murderer: Beheaded 600 Jews in a single day; Prophet was a sexual deviant and used sex as marketing tool: claimed that Jihadists would be blesse......d with 72 virgins in paradise!! He was pedophile: Consummated and fondled with a 9 year old Aisha! He was a womanizer: Had 15 wives in total, 11 at a time, then went on to marry his daughter-n-law!! He was a rapist: Himself raped women slaves and ordered his followers to do the same; He was a liar and deceiver: Claimed himself as a greatest and final prophet, among line of prophets. My friends, would still consider him true messenger of god???

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