Friday, August 27, 2010

The True Muhammad the prophet

Muhammad was wild and intolerant: He slayed infidels and wits who doubted his revelations; He was a War-lord: Involved in 78 wars out of which 71 were assault!!; He was a mass-murderer: Beheaded 600 Jews in a single day; Prophet was a sexual deviant and used sex as marketing tool: claimed that Jihadists would be blesse......d with 72 virgins in paradise!! He was pedophile: Consummated and fondled with a 9 year old Aisha! He was a womanizer: Had 15 wives in total, 11 at a time, then went on to marry his daughter-n-law!! He was a rapist: Himself raped women slaves and ordered his followers to do the same; He was a liar and deceiver: Claimed himself as a greatest and final prophet, among line of prophets. My friends, would still consider him true messenger of god???

more on ottawa terrorist

link to whole story

OTTAWA — The alleged plot behind this week's arrest of a group of suspected terrorists was to attack Parliament Hill and Montreal's subway system with bombs, says a former counterterrorism officer with the RCMP and CSIS.

Michel Juneau-Katsuya said he has learned that at least one of the suspects used Ottawa Public Library computers to communicate with other members of the Ottawa-based cell. Internet messages between the men triggered computer "sniffers" used to monitor electronic signals at Ottawa's Communication's Security Establishment, the national cryptologic agency, which alerted the Canadian Security Intelligence Service

28-year-old Khurram Syed Sher, who was born in Pakistan, has been arrested under suspicion of terrorism-related activities. He has previously tried out as a contestant on Canadian Idol, singing Avril Lavigne's Complicated and failing to move to the next round.

Two of the accused — Hiva Alizadeh, 30, a former electrical engineering technology student, and Misbahuddin Ahmed, 26, an X-ray technician, both of Ottawa, were arrested Wednesday. The third, Khurram Syed Sher, 28, a doctor who once auditioned for Canadian Idol, was arrested in London, Ont., Thursday.

Hiva Alizadeh faces a separate charge of making or having an explosive substance — which can include IED components — in his possession with the intent to endanger life or cause serious damage. He is also accused of being a member of a group with links to the conflict in Afghanistan and allegedly received overseas training in building and detonating IEDs, said Therriault.

Raids on Alizadeh's and Ahmed's Ottawa homes Wednesday uncovered more than 50 circuit boards police believe were intended to remotely trigger detonators for IEDs.

Also seized was a "vast quantity" of schematics, videos, drawings, instructions and electronic components for IEDs


15 Million Americans Freeloaders?

15 million American households, about 10 percent of all taxpayers, receive more cash from the IRS than they contribute in federal income taxes and employment taxes

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Muslim Soldier refuses Deployment


A U.S. Army soldier wants to leave the military service as a conscientious objector based on his beliefs as a Muslim, but he said he's concerned he may be deployed to Afghanistan anyway.

Pfc. Naser Abdo, a 20-year-old infantryman assigned to the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Ky., said Monday that if the military orders him to deploy, he will refuse to go despite the fact that it may result in a military charge against him

why the fuck would you join infantry then???? if you did'nt want to go to afghan or iraq

"We have two things that I believe make us American: That's freedom of religion and freedom of choice," Abdo told Channel 4 News. "I've come to the conclusion that the consequences I would face of refusing deployment are a lot less than the consequences I would face should I go. I don't think I'd be able to live with myself if I deployed."

"freedom of choice" did you forget you signed the dotted line ???????????


link with video

ISAF says 2700 Taliban captured or killed in the last 90 days

The International Security Assistance Force claimed today that the high tempo of operations against the Taliban over the past three months has put a dent in morale among the Taliban ranks. Also, ISAF provides an estimate on the number of Taliban leaders and fighters killed and captured ("365 insurgent leaders and 2,386 fighters") over the past 90 days.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two arrested in Ottawa terrorism probe

The RCMP has arrested two people, and more arrests are expected, in a terrorism probe in Ottawa.

Search warrants were executed Wednesday morning at around 8 a.m., and police search teams were reportedly at two different sites in the city’s west-end.

One source said police believe the group being targeted resembles a smaller, less mature version of the “Toronto 18” – the group of young extremists arrested in Canada's largest city in 2006

Friday, August 20, 2010

Indian police attacked in kashmir

i know this is a daily thing there but what pissed me off is the end with the indian policemen left behind to be attacked, and the fact the he HAD A DAMN GUN AND DIDNT USE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Citizens Revolt Against Indian Soldiers
Wait… isn’t that a villain from ‘Temple of Doom?’ If this is the new Indiana Jones it sure as hell better be better than that last hunk of shit with Shia Lebouf.
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how not to flee from a car accident

Saturday, August 14, 2010

U.S Looks at Closing U.S. Air Force Bases Overseas

"We are looking at [if we can afford overseas bases]," said a board member who agreed to talk with Air Force Times on background.

Three months ago, Defense Secretary Robert Gates ordered the Pentagon's military and civilian leaders to find $102 billion in savings over the next five years - roughly 3.4 percent of the Pentagon's requested appropriations - and shift the money to the war-fighting effort.

Gates' predecessor, Donald Rumsfeld, wanted to close more than a third of the bases overseas and move 170,000 service members and their families back to the U.S.

Air Force Special Operations Command considered moving its 352nd Special Operations Group at RAF Mildenhall, England, and 353rd Special Operations Group at Kadena Air Base, Japan, to Cannon Air Force Base, N.M., said Lt. Gen. Mike Wooley, former AFSOC commander.

Today, support is building in Congress to close installations in Europe and Asia.

A bipartisan group of four congressmen sponsored the task force, which found the U.S. could save $80 billion if it reduced its military presence in Europe and Asia by a third.

Members of the Sustainable Defense Task Force, mostly Washington defense analysts, testified at a July 20 hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on their findings, compiled in a report titled "Debt, Deficits, and Defense: A Way Forward."

"We continue to try to get a clear picture from the department of the actual number of overseas military bases we have, as well the strategic rationale for each location," said Rep. John Tierney, D-Mass, the subcommittee chairman. "Time after time, we see opportunities for increased efficiency, less waste and better use of taxpayer money."

Under the task force's proposal, about 50,000 service members would go.

The Air Force would cut one fighter wing and 10,000 airmen, according to the report. The task force also recommended eliminating one Army Brigade Combat Team from Europe and pulling back 7,000 Marines and 9,000 sailors stationed overseas.

"Our allies can afford to defend themselves. The Cold War is over," said Benjamin Friedman, who served on the task force. "Time has come for all our allies to carry the burden of their defense."

full article here

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Pakistan press blames USA for floods

We have investigated this matter and concluded that HAARP has recently been used in NW area of Pakistan .. the choice of starting point was perfect.. all the flood is going in downstream i.e. Khyber (Hills) to Karachi (Sea)… it is designed to submerge entire Pakistan and bring up the worst crises and chaos ever happened.. they know they cant win a war with Nuclear armed Pakistan – it would be a mutual destruction, so they have other ways to do it!.

i dont know what to say about this, i would have thought they would have blamed it on india or the evil juice

Sunday, August 8, 2010

U.S. Special Forces ordered to shave off beards

KABUL, Afghanistan - U.S. Special Operations Forces have had countless close shaves this month - not just with the enemy, but with razors and foamy cream.

After almost a decade of growing long beards as a show of deep respect for Afghanistan's male-dominated, bearded tribal culture, many of these elite warriors have been ordered by top brass to shave their faces clean.

Some veteran special ops troops fear they face a harder time getting taken seriously by local leaders they depend upon for intel about their bearded enemy, the Taliban.

"Now we look no different than the Brits or Russians before us," a dewhiskered Green Beret team leader with five Afghanistan tours told the Daily News, referring to two countries whose past wars here ended badly. "Growing a beard dramatically helps us."

Even former Afghan war commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal "should have grown a beard" to help win over the tribes, argued the Green Beret, who cannot be identified because of his mission.

Long beards, khaki ball caps and Oakley wraparound sunglasses have long been the iconic image of U.S. secret warriors here

Read more:

this sucks, beards are cool

Iraqi-purchased M1A1s roll off production line, head to Iraq

The first shipment of 140 M1A1 Abrams tanks purchased by the Government of Iraq from the U.S. rolled off the production line in Lima, Ohio, this month and is being loaded in Charleston, S.C., onto a ship bound for Iraq.

Eleven M1A1 Abrams tanks, along with an M88A2 recovery vehicle, are scheduled to arrive in Iraq in August. The remaining 129 tanks and seven recovery vehicles will be delivered before December 2011.

According to Army Lt. Col. Tom Bentzel, Iraq Foreign Military Sales director for Project Manager Heavy Brigade Combat Team, the tanks will be transitioned to the Iraqis at the Besmaya Combat Training Center. Once fielded, the Iraqi Army is expected to integrate the tanks into the 9th Iraqi Army Mechanized Division located in central Iraq.

“The delivery of these tanks is a significant milestone which begins to establish Iraq’s conventional defensive capabilities,” said Army Lt. Gen. Michael D. Barbero, Deputy Commanding General, Advising and Training. “A secure and stable Iraq that has the capability to defend its sovereignty will be a stabilizing influence in the region.”

The Iraqi Army and U.S. Army have been working together since 2009 to familiarize Iraqi tank crewmembers with the Abrams tank in anticipation of the Iraqi tanks’ arrival. Sixty-five crews are already trained. Iraqi crewmembers are also scheduled to receive a complete new equipment training package in conjunction with the fielding of the tanks.

The Government of Iraq purchased the equipment under a Foreign Military Sales agreement with the U.S. government. “We are proud to deliver the best tank in the world to our Iraqi counterparts,” Bentzel said.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dutch intelligence agency ran extremist website

The Dutch press have reported that the Netherlands’ General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) – which focuses mostly on domestic non-military threats to Dutch national security – ran a website for Muslim extremists for close to six months, in a bid to track radical Muslims. The site was a success but had to be closed down a short time ago, when it was discovered that visitors to it were making plans to hack other websites.

The fake site was set up by an IT specialist, who also proposed its construction to the AIVD. A few months after it began, the site boasted 150 active members. According to daily newspaper De Telegraaf, subjects discussed by members included: How can we stay clear of the security services? How can we communicate safely? How fast can we kill our server if we need to?

im sure ever country is doing the same, but this is the first one to come to light

Friday, August 6, 2010

Al-Qaida in Iraq offers cash to lure former allies

BAGHDAD — Al-Qaida in Iraq has begun offering cash to lure back former Sunni allies angry over the government's failure to give them jobs and pay their salaries on time, according to Sunni tribesmen and Iraqi officials.
The recruitment drive adds to worries that the terror network is attempting a comeback after the deaths of its two top leaders in April and is taking advantage of a summer of uncertainty. The political stalemate in Baghdad is entering its sixth month after inconclusive elections, just as the U.S. military is rapidly drawing down its forces.
Al-Qaida's strategy is to provoke the Shiite majority into launching revenge attacks, a development that could re-ignite open warfare, split the Iraqi security forces along sectarian lines and cement al-Qaida's leadership role among Sunnis.

Money: For when Allah just isn't a good enough reason to kill people.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Military dog feels the stress of war

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — Gina was a playful 2-year-old German shepherd when she went to Iraq as a highly trained bomb-sniffing dog with the military, conducting door-to-door searches and witnessing all sorts of noisy explosions.

She returned home to Colorado cowering and fearful. When her handlers tried to take her into a building, she would stiffen her legs and resist. Once inside, she would tuck her tail beneath her body and slink along the floor. She would hide under furniture or in a corner to avoid people.

A military veterinarian diagnosed with her post-traumatic stress disorder — a condition that some experts say can afflict dogs just like it does humans.


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